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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Super Junior KiBum has been known to have injured his legs and will not be participating for Super Junior’s concert opening in July.

It was known that KiBum has fell down while exercising on 13th June and had to receive treatment for 6 weeks. His injured left leg will also have to be in a cast.

The physician who tended to KiBum’s injuries, “It is not advisable for him to take part in the powerful dancesteps for the concert, he should be careful with is injury and advisable not to participate in the concert.”

KiBum said, “I’m so sorry to be off trouble. Even though it is a shame that I cannot take part in the concert, I’m sure the other members will present great performances in my stead. Please do look forward to Super Junior’s concert.”

Super Junior’s 2nd concert ‘The 2nd ASIA TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW Ⅱ’ will be held from 17th till 19th June in Seoul.

credit : Kbites it is also on sj-market

a really bad news.
hope he gets better.
hope he'll be back soon with Super Junior.

because Super Junior is 13!
not 11, not 12 but 13!
aish. he should be on SuShow! so that he can feel the fun!

*some don't believe this, coz. i don't know.
what do you think?*
Sunday, May 31, 2009

Inkigayo Performance
spazzing around..haha
oh my!
--they are all in white clothes!
--Teukie Teukie's expression at the start of the song.
--Hyukkie's new tease at the chest poppin' part...*dies*
--Kyuhyun's silver gloves *shiny*
--Yesung's voice and stare...
and --and Sungmin's simply cute and hot, those killer stare

Saturday, May 30, 2009

This performance was good. But there's something missing. The place is so gloomy, i think it is because of the Ex-President's death. Really hope to see them back to normal really fast. But i'll guess let's give them some more time. Probably they will be back less sooner. The new clothes are awesome~ Hankyung's glasses so cute! and Yesung's voice is so great~ King of Voice
Friday, May 29, 2009

haha. i edited images and made some GIFs of Super Junior. haha!


Sungmin tries to find the ELFs haha! this is from Unbelievable Outing


Some YeHyuk love~ also from Unbelievable Outing...


so small. awww, haha for a Sungmin addict, like me. haha this is LOVE...

last but not the least...


Super Junior...beyond our imagination...


Really a Suju fanatic.
Forever 13!

so later guys!
Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Super Junior's It's You guitar cover/acoustic.
haha. I admit, she's really good at playing the chords on this song.
i love her voice too!
*i wish i could play the guitar and play my favorite song in it! ToT*

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This is the episode 3 which is Yoon Ji Hoo's after story. it has subs on it. i promise you you'll love all the song Sometime by SS501

Anyways, really disappointed about Ji Hoo's after story because it only showed the flashbacks and pat events happened to him adn JanDi. but then again, love the song!

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Sunday, May 24, 2009

`Some caps from the MuBank Performance`

(1)Ryeowookie whispering to Eunhyuk
(2)Eunhyukkie crying as he gives his thank you speech to all
(3)Cutie Siwon and Heechul
(4)Hankyung and Angel Teukie Teukie so happy moment
(5)KangTeuk moment :)

source: 13infamyss at SUPER JUNIOR'S 3rd THREAD at SOOMPI.COM

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